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30 Mar 2017


Samartex Timber & Plywood Company Limited took over from the then AT & P Ghana Limited in May, 1995 and in addition to the company assets and Liabilities, also took over the company’s school, comprising the Primary and Junior High School situated just 20 meters from the Sawmill Fence of the factory.

INFRASTRUSTURE : With the dilapidated nature of the school block, Samartex made it a priority to renovate and expand the classrooms in order to increase the intake of pupils which was expected to swell given the number of new employees from cities who would be employed to move the company forward.
As a result, a new Six (6) classroom room block was built to make a double stream for the pupils whilst a multi-functional Nursery and Kindergarden was also built to cater for the young ones who had to be moved from their previous place due to massive congestion.

The Junior High School was also given a facelift whilst the Ghana Education Service complimented the efforts of the company by putting up an extra 3-Classroom block to cater for the intake from the Primary School which would be automatically increased as a result of its own expansion.

In all cases Samartex Company has been the provider of tables and Chairs for teachers, providing blackboards, desks for pupils as well as catering for printing fees of examination papers for the entire academic year which has cushioned the burden on the parents who would otherwise have borne the financial cost of these essential items.

Periodic renovation has been followed to maintain the school facilities in terms of providing tiles for the classrooms to decrease the dirt, proving ceiling fans to all the classrooms as well as repairing leakages and any other maintenance work as may be required.

TEACHERS : Headed by Ms. Yvonne Ofori Yeboah for the past 5 years, the Nursery and Kindergarten has an Eighteen(18) member teaching staff plus Two(2) Kitchen Staff. Out of this number, Samartex is paying the monthly salaries and bonuses of Nineteen (19) of them with only One (1) being catered for by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

The Primary School also have Sixteen (16) well qualified teaching staff with the Company catering for Nine(9) of them whilst the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S.) caters for the other Seven(7).

The Junior High School headed by astute Mr. Henry Sarfo Agyekum for the past Five(5) years, also have a Twelve(12) member teaching staff with the company taking care of Two(2) whilst the G.E.S. pays for the other Ten(10).

In all cases, well qualified teachers are recruited with a mandate for the minimum qualification of teachers from the KG through the Primary to the JHS pegged at Diploma in Education effective beginning of the 2014/2015 Academic year.

PUPILS/STUDENTS : The Junior High School has a school population of 235 students comprising of 116 Boys and 119 Girls. Out of this number, a combination of 84 boys and girls are in JHS 1, a total number of 78 are in JHS 2 whilst 73 students were registered to take part in the Basic Entrance Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) for 2013/14 Academic Year.

The Primary School also has 346 Boys and 329 Girls whilst the Kindergarten & Nursery comprises of 212 Boys and 203 Girls.

STUDENTS PERFORMANCE : Results compiled over the past three(3) Academic years has revealed a massive improvement in results obtained by the students sitting for the B.E.C.E. in the Junior High School (J.H.S). Not only have they maintained a 100% Pass Record, but they have also improved in their overall Aggregate Score in the B.E.C.E. results, chalking 4th 2011, 3rd in 2012, 2nd in 2013 in the overall ratings of the entire District which has over 102 Public and Private Schools.

COMPUTER LAB : Under the initiative of management of Samartex, the school has been provided with 12 pieces of Computers by the company to augment the teaching of I.T. to the students which has greatly enhanced the knowledge of the pupils in the modern day IT World..

PARENT/TEACHER ASSCIATION (P.T.A.) : Not to be sidelined in terms of contributing to the progress of the school in the provision of infrastructure, the P.T.A. has built a 12-Room Water Closet toilet facilities for use by the pupils. This laudable facility has salvaged an otherwise deplorable situation where the children had had to use an old Pit near the school to ease themselves.

WAY FORWARD : Whilst his predecessors contributed their immense quota to the development of the Samartex School Complex to a very high level, the present General Manager, Mr. Richard Duah Nsenkyire has also solidified the commitment of the company to the cause of the school by personally pledging to sponsor various prizes to deserving students at the yearly organized Prize Giving Day activities by the P.T.A.. This is besides the normal support to the school in all areas as required.

This is being pursued to put the name of Samartex School Complex in a higher pedestal among the other schools in the urban areas so as to churn out outstanding students who could become future leaders of our country, Ghana.

By Alex Eshun

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